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Below is a list of characters that appear originally in the The Promised Neverland manga.


Grace Field Orphans (Escapees)

11 year old Emma.png 12 year old Ray.png 11 year old Don.png 11 year old Gilda.png Anna in 2046.png
Emma Ray Don Gilda Anna
Nat in 2046.png 9 year old Lannion.png 9 year old Thoma.png Alicia in 2046.png Chris in 2046.png
Nat Lannion Thoma Alicia Chris
Rossi in 2046.png Yvette in 2046.png Dominic in 2046.png Jemima in 2046.png Mark in 2046.png
Rossi Yvette Dominic Jemima Mark

Grace Field Orphans (Shipped out)

11 year old Norman.png Conny Manga.png Young Isabella.png Young Krone.png Young Leslie.png Young Michelle.png
Norman Conny Isabella Krone Leslie Michelle
Young Olivia.png Susan manga.png Cecile.png Simon manga.png Hao.png Sadie .png
Olivia Susan Cecile Simon Hao Sadie
Helena shipped out.jpg Abby.jpg Marcus.png Robert.png Jimmy2.jpeg Jimmy.jpg
Helena Abby Marcus Robert Chucky Jimmy
Test scores.png Test scores.png Boy.png Girl.png Girl 2.png
James Gary Light-haired boy Black-haired girl Light-haired girl
  • Cindy (Deceased)
  • Kate (Deceased)
  • Hana (Deceased)
  • Eric (Deceased)
  • Grant (Deceased)
  • Mack (Deceased)
  • Rosie (Deceased)
  • Numerous unnamed children (Deceased)

Grace Field Orphans (Relocated)

4 year old Phil.png Sherry.png Dalia Manga.png Eugene Manga.png Naila manga.png Carol.png
Phil Sherry Dalia Eugene Naila Carol
Marnya.png Hans Manga.png Vivian Manga.png Chamberlain manga.png Tom Manga.png Damdin Manga.png
Marnya Hans Vivian Chamberlain Tom Damdin
Nina in Manga.png Jasper (manga).jpg Charlie.webp Milosz.png Gray haired girl.jpeg Brown haired girl.jpeg
Nina Jasper Charlie Milly Gray-haired girl Brown-haired girl
Light brown haired boy.jpeg Dark brown haired boy 3.jpeg Blonde haired boy.jpeg Shaved head boy 2.jpeg
Light brown-haired boy Dark brown-haired boy Blonde-haired boy Mike

Grace Field Orphans (Unknown plantation)

Jackie.png Simon manga.png Helen.png
Jackie Simon Helen
  • Numerous unnamed children


31 year old Isabella.png Yukko in manga.png Young Sarah.png
Isabella Yukko Sarah

  • Numerous unnamed mothers


Krone stares.png Matilda Profile.png Scarlet Profile.png Jessica Profile.png Sienna Profile.png
Krone Matilda Scarlet Jessica Sienna

  • Numerous unnamed sisters


33 year old Isabella.png Grandmother.png Previous Grandmother.png
Isabella Sarah Previous Grandmother

Glory Bell Orphans

Young Yugo.png Lucas past.png Vincent Mugshot.png Dina profile.png Maria.png
Yugo Lucas Vincent Dina Maria
Erica.png Nicholas.png Mike1.png John.png Anny.jpeg
Erica Nicolas Mike John Anny
  • Walter (Deceased)
  • Viviana (Deceased)
  • Damian (Deceased)
  • Flore (Deceased)
  • Pedro (Deceased)
  • Abel (Deceased)
  • Jatte (Deceased)
  • Hilda (Deceased)
  • Bess (Deceased)
  • Stacie (Deceased)
  • Numerous unnamed Glory Bell Orphans (Deceased)

Goodwill Ridge Orphans

Barbara Mugshot.png Cislo Mugshot.png
Barbara Cislo
  • Numerous unnamed Goodwill Ridge Orphans (Deceased)

Goldy Pond

Lucas Mugshot.png Oliver Mugshot.png Gillian Mugshot.png Violet Mugshot.png Nigel Mugshot.png Zack Mugshot.png
Lucas Oliver Gillian Violet Nigel Zack
Pepe Mugshot.png Paula Mugshot.png Sandy Mugshot.png Sonya Mugshot.png Theo Mugshot.png Adam Mugshot.png
Pepe Paula Sandy Sonya Theo Adam
12 year old Emma.png Yugo Mugshot.png Ray mugshot.png Jake mugshot.png Monica mugshot.png Windmill Girl.png
Emma Yugo Ray Jake Monica Windmill Boy
Mary.png Johnny2.png Michael.jpg Malcom extra page.jpg Eliott.png Fred.png
Mary Johnny Michael Malcolm Elliot Fred
  • Gillian's Sister (Deceased)
  • Nigel's Sister (Deceased)
  • Sandy's friend (Deceased)
  • Sonya's friend (Deceased)
  • 28 unnamed Goldy Pond members
  • Numerous unnamed Goldy Pond members (Deceased)

Lambda 7214

Norman mugshot.png Barbara Mugshot.png Cislo Mugshot.png Vincent Mugshot.png
Norman Barbara Cislo Vincent
Zazie Mugshot.png Hayato mugshot.png Jin mugshot.png Smee appearance.png
Zazie Hayato Jin Smee

Factory Farm Orphans

Hayato mugshot.png Jin mugshot.png
Hayato Jin
  • Numerous unnamed Factory Farm Orphans (Deceased)

Ratri Clan

Peter.png Andrew debut.png Mike Ratri Manga.png Julius Ratri makes a proposal.png William Minerva Revealed.png
Peter Ratri Andrew Mike Ratri Julius Ratri William Minerva


Julius Ratri makes a proposal.png Norman lookalike.png Ray lookalike.png Emma lookalike.png Vincent lookalike.png Santa Claus.png
Julius Ratri White-haired woman Black-haired man Orange-haired man Bald man Bearded man

Other humans

Ayshe Mugshot.png Old Man manga profile.png Rita.jpg Leo.jpg Margo.jpg Mr Mendel.jpg
Ayshe Alex Mikhaylov Rita Leo Margo Mr. Mendel



Mujika Mugshot.png Sonju Mugshot.png
Mujika Sonju


Nous.png Luce.png Leuvis Mugshot.png Palvus mugshot.png Bayon in Manga.png Nouma.png
Nous Luce Leuvis Palvus Bayon Nouma


Mujika Mugshot.png Sonju Mugshot.png Reglavalima Mugshot .png Leuvis Mugshot.png Geelan full appearance.png
Mujika Sonju Legravalima Leuvis Geelan

Regent Families

Bayon II full appearance.png Dozza full appearance.png Yverk mugshot.png Noum full appearance.png Pupo mugshot.png
Bayon II Dozza Yverk Noum Pupo


Mawla Profile.png Awla Profile.png
Mawla Awla

Bayon II's family

Bayon II's child.png Bayon II's wife.png
Bayon II's child Bayon II's wife

Plantation Worker

Ayshe's dad with mask.png
Ayshe's father




Sonju's horse.png Cuvitidala dragon.PNG Palvus mugshot.png Ayshe's wolves.png
Sonju's horse Cuvitidala Dragon Palvus Ayshe's dogs