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I told you. I want to feel every drop of my blood tingling with excitement. We can't call it a hunt unless both sides risk their life. I want to hunt with you children. Now, shall we begin our secret game?Leuvis to Lucas

Leuvis (レウウィス, Reuisu) / Lewis (ルイス, Ruisu) is the main antagonist in the Goldy Pond Battle Arc. He was an aristocrat who belonged to the group of Demons known as "Poachers".

As a Poacher, he worked alongside Bayon, the purveyor for the Grand Valley orphanage.

Unlike some of the other Poachers, such as Luce, who enjoy hunting the defenseless children, Leuvis is bored with the relative ease at which he can kill them. It's only when the thrill of meeting someone with the will to kill him, like Emma, arrives that he decides to take the hunting game seriously.

He is the younger brother of Queen Legravalima and the older brother of Sonju, as well as a part of the Royal Family in the Demon World.


Leuvis was born into the Royal family. One thousand years ago, before the farms' establishment and the creation of the "Promise", Leuvis was seen to slaughter hundreds of humans seeking to end the war between the two races. Julius Ratri, the only survivor left, asked Leuvis to bring him to the King to make a deal.[1]

800 years ago, 200 years after the establishment of the farms, Leuvis received the news of Bayon getting elected as an investor and manager of several farms, as he openly mocked Bayon and warned him of not to get carried away by his high ranking positions.[2] Years later, Leuvis, Bayon, Nous, Nouma, Luce and a few other demons overran a deserted human town under Bayon's name, which they soon turned into a hunting ground as orphans who either have been bought or stumbled into the place by accident were thrown into the hunting ground for Leuvis and his team to hunt.

In the year 2032, after years of hunting Leuvis had (which are considered nothing but a bore to him), the Grand Duke ran into a group of orphans from Glory Bell, who was the first bunch of orphans Leuvis found excitement in hunting. In the end, Leuvis managed to massacre every single one of them with the exception of Lucas and Mister, who barely escaped.[3]


Leuvis smiles, exposing his sharp canines.

Leuvis is a tall and slender demon with three fingers on each hand, and three toes on each foot. His entire body is clothed in black with a high collared cape draped over his shoulders. He also wears a matching top hat decorated with rope-like looms. Like most demons, his face was covered with a golden mask with four holes on top of each other with the upper three allowing him to see. When he grins, the bottom hole in his mask reveals his sharp canines.

Leuvis' face.

800 years later at the present time, Leuvis do not seem to have many physical changes besides losing his hair, as he still donned the same outfit. The full extent of the features that lie under his mask was revealed when Mister successfully shot and broke his mask.[4]

Grand Duke Leuvis also owns a pet with the physical features of a monkey called Palvus,[4] which is often seen on his shoulder.


Leuvis first appeared as a calm and composed demon who panned the other demons' actions on preying the orphans as "immature".[citation needed] Stemming from the fact of how he is one of the strongest demons in the hierarchy, Leuvis finds the hunting of the orphans as nothing but a bore to him, with the exception of his hunt with Mister and his friends and his hunt with Emma, which he himself finds interesting. Leuvis is able to remain calm and unfazed in situations that would frighten and shock most others, as he remained fully composed even after thwarting Emma's throw of her axe towards his comrade.[3]

Being a merciless, assertive individual and the epitome of evil, Leuvis harbors no regrets and was unhesitant towards killing the orphans. After acknowledging Emma's potential as his worthy opponent, Leuvis became fixated towards Emma as his prey, thus bearing no regards to the other orphans he meets, such as Monica and Jake, as he just killed them without a second thought.

Despite his merciless nature, he has shown traits that could be considered positive. A perfect example of this is during his showdown with Emma and Lucas where he not only allowed their requests to be fulfilled but actually told them to use whatever means they had in order to give them an advantage, showing that if nothing else, he is fair towards those he deems worthy enough as he feels everyone should put their life on the live, including him. After he stabs Emma, he again shows positive traits when he thanks Emma and the others for giving him a worthy fight and shows respect towards them.


Search For Minerva Arc

Leuvis made his debut as the Grand Duke of the demons and was a member of the poachers who hunt the orphans of the Goldy Pond on a random basis. As the next hunt of the orphans started, Bayon questioned Leuvis on what are his thoughts on preying on the humans. Leuvis responded on how he is going to prey on the same type of orphan like every other time he hunts, implying how the hunt would be boring for him.

As Leuvis' allies were surrounding Theo and Monica, Leuvis hid behind a tree thinking about how "immature" they are and how "pathetic" the game of hunting is. Out of the blue, Emma soon ambushed the demons and attempted to kill Luce by flinging an axe at him. Leuvis managed to catch the axe before it could stab his ally in the nick of time. As Emma saved Monica, Theo, and Jake and escaped, Leuvis acknowledged Emma's throw of her axe and how she has "the eyes of a killer". Leuvis sensed the worthiness of Emma as his opponent, and the potential of a good hunt he could have. With a broad smile on his face, he marked Emma as his target prey, commenting on how he could finally find some entertainment during the hunt.[3]

Goldy Pond Battle Arc

Grand Duke Leuvis' regenerative abilities were affected by his age, which was revealed when he was blinded by the flash of light, and when his hand was blown off and he suffered a broken arm and did not quickly recover. Despite these handicaps, he was still able to stab Emma.

Leuvis stood on the spot as he is shot consistently.

leuvis' "death" scene

After engaging in a fight with Emma, Mister, Ray, Adam, Violet, and Nigel, he lost the fight as he fell onto the ground after receiving a shot through his middle eye. Sometime later, however, after the Goldy Pond was submerging in water, Leuvis' corpse was nowhere to be seen as only bloodstains remain on the spot where he had supposedly died.[5]

Return to Grace Field Arc

In the turmoil of the capital, the remaining vassals of the Five Regent Houses fell under the command of Peter Ratri who ordered them to arrest all those that had been cured of the poison by the cattle children. Mujika and Sonju were captured as well and labeled as traitors who instigated the events. When they were about to be executed, Leuvis made his appearance known. The crowd was in shock at the Grand Duke's return as he had been thought dead. Seeing the situation he demanded what was going on, and was annoyed that the lapdogs of the Five Regents were giving orders. Turning his attention to the prisoners he greeted his younger brother, before slashing him across the chest. Gathering the blood ins a goblet he drank the so-called evil blood to the shock of the audience. The Grand Duke revealed that the Evil Blood Clan was a ruse created by his sister and the Five Regent Houses. He explained that the blood was a miracle that allowed demons to be free from the need to consume human flesh and how that the people were victims of the Royal Family and their vassals as they kept the information for themselves. He called for an end to the execution, proclaiming his brother and Mujika heroes and order the elimination of the remaining vassals and current government.

Skills and Abilities

Enhanced Reflexes

Leuvis caught bullets.

Leuvis was proven to have had a high degree of speed and agility. This was shown when he was able to catch the axe that Emma threw at high velocity before it stabbed his comrade's eye in the nick of time.

Leuvis possessed inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. He can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans or several of his kind. This was proven when Emma ambushed Leuvis by firing dozens of bullets at him at different angles, but failed to cause damage as not a single bullet impaled Leuvis as he managed to dodge and catch them.[6] later he is able to survive getting shot repeately by dozens of bullets through his body by Emma and his groups and even have his middle eye shot which would have definetly kill any demon.

This shows how Leuvis' speed extends to his reaction time and reflexes; he is able to think and perceive at superhuman speed, he is able to determine angles, distance, speed and trajectory of objects with extreme accuracy.

Enhanced Hearing

He immediately located and attacked him just from the sound of his voice. He was able to make up for his lack of vision with his sense of hearing.[4]

Ray describing Leuvis to have an acute sense of hearing.

When Mister managed to shoot and crack open Leuvis' mask, leaving him in a moment of disarray with his sense of sight. Leuvis still managed to attack as he swiftly sliced Pepe's left shoulder and disabled his arm using his sense of hearing.

Evil Blood

Due to ingesting Mujika's blood, Leuvis retains the characteristics and sapience of humans without requiring to consume them. Like other demons who ingest Mujika's blood, he is also able to spread this unique body composition to others demons.


Like Legravalima, Leuvis has "two cores". Normal demons die when their first core is broken, but Leuvis has two, meaning that once his first core is broken, his second core takes over, which is the resurrected one. This is extremely rare, and Legravalima is thought to be the first one in years to inherit this ability; not even her brothers had this trait. Though it is later proven wrong as it reveals that Leuvis also has two cores like his sister, which explains how he survived having his middle eye destroyed by Emma and her groups. 



Leuvis showed discontentment towards the demons' actions of preying on the orphans, calling them "immature". Hence during the hunt of the orphans in Goldy Pond, Leuvis tend to distance himself away from the other demons, as he preferred to work alone. Of all the demons among the poachers, Leuvis seemed to be the closest – or least distant – to Bayon, as out of all the demons, Leuvis interacted with him the most. Circa 800 years ago, when Bayon was elected as an investor and manager of numerous farms, Leuvis described it as an "irony" and warned Bayon on not to get carried away by his positions. Thus showing the limited trust Leuvis had on Bayon, as he openly mocked him.[2] Nevertheless, the two had been working alongside each other as allies for centuries.


Thank you. That was delightful. To you, for you, I have the utmost respect.

Leuvis solemnly thanking Emma after he stabbed her.[7]

When Leuvis first encounters Emma, he is instantly smitten with her ferocity. He regards her with a mix of adoration, respect, and desire – his main goal is to cultivate her into his perfect prey.[8] He kills Monica and Jake in front of Theo and informs him that he should deliver this news to Emma, with the hopes that his actions will fan her flames of rage and she will proceed to hunt him as he so craves.[9]

He is keen to play games with her and wait on her whim for his hunt, even complimenting her for being a strong child[10], but he expresses that his main desire is to hunt and kill her. He refuses any negotiation on the matter. While he has garnered an obsession with her, it is an unhealthy one that seeks to drive her against her own ideals and comfort.[11]


Leuvis is Sonju's older brother. They are shown to be very distant and had a distaste of each other.}}


  • According to Shirai, Leuvis is based on 2 or 3 other people or characters whom he didn't want to disclose.[12]
  • The artist of the series mentioned that Leuvis's mask was modeled after a crayfish. His overall appearance is meant to represent a fake Minerva.[13]
  • The following are Leuvis' rankings in some of The Promised Neverland’s official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump’s 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Leuvis is in 16th place with a total of 271 votes.


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