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Lannion (ラニオン, Ranion?) is a 7-year-old orphan who formerly resided at Grace Field House Plant 3 as one of the many foster children of Isabella. He is an energetic boy who is often seen around his best friend, Thoma. He is later brought into the escape plan alongside Thoma, Nat, and Anna after the truth of the orphanage is revealed.

After his success of escaping Grace Field alongside 14 other orphans, Lannion now seeks to find William Minerva, whom he and his team believe can grant them the liberty to live a safe and peaceful life away from the demons.


Lannion is a young boy with light blue eyes and noticeably smaller pupils, freckles, a wide smile, and one missing tooth. He has short, blonde hair styled into a single spike that resembles an onion. On the left side of his neck, he has the identifying number "54294" from his time at Grace Field House.


Lannion is a mischievous and childish boy who enjoys pulling pranks along with his best friend, Thoma. He is also resourceful, as he invented a water-bottle rope device which played a big part in the escape, enabling the orphans to escape from Grace Field House. Although he is a bit cowardly, blunt and straightforward, he has a strong will and cares deeply for his family.


Introduction Arc

Taking daily tests, playing a game of tag, eating scrumptious homemade food and having a good time – Lani went through the same routine every day in Grace Field House.

Lannion was first seen playing tag with his siblings of the Grace Field House, where he was almost immediately caught by Norman. A few days later, during the same game, he was caught by Krone along with Nat, Thoma, and Anna.

Jailbreak Arc

It is revealed that he, along with Nat, Anna and Thoma was brought into the escape plan after Don and Gilda. Lani was seen being horrified when Isabella carried Emma with a broken leg, to which he understood that it was Isabella's doing. During the two months after Norman's shipment, Lannion and his siblings got instructions from Emma on how to train the orphans for the upcoming escape. Lannion, along with Thoma, also assisted in the escape, making a decoy for Ray and fastening the zip lines in order to cross the cliff. On January 15, 2046, Lani and his siblings escape from Grace Field House Plant 3.

Search For Minerva Arc

Lannion was seen among the children searching for a way out of the demon forest. He reached just like the rest of the children Shelter B06-32 and took refuge in it for more than a year.

Cuvitidala Arc

Upon arriving at the Paradise Hideout, Lannion was shocked and happy to see Norman again, leaping into his arms and expressing admiration of his new position. Lannion was later seen with the rest of the children listening to Emma's and Ray's speech about leaving The Paradise Hideout to go to the seven walls to try to make a better promise. He then waved Emma goodbye like the rest of the children.[5]

Human World Arc

Upon arriving in the Human World, Lannion is seen to be visibly worried and shocked about Emma's disappearance. Lannion, along with the other children, agrees to search for Emma so they can reunite with her again.[6] Over the two years spent in the Human World, Lannion began attending school. During spring 2049, he finally reunites with Emma again and cries tears of joy.[7]



Growing up as orphans in Grace Field House, Lannion and Thoma have grown up as best friends and developed a close-knit brotherly bond. They are always seen together and whatever they do; playing, pulling pranks, inventing things, or running away from demons, they do together.


Lannion loves Emma like a sister and admires her as the 'leader' of their group. However, due to her child-like soul, he also likes to mess with her and pull pranks on her along with Thoma.


Ray is like a brother for Lannion. He stated that he would not let Ray die in their escape from Grace Field House and therefore was brought into the plan to save Ray. Ray also tends to share his words of wisdom with Lani and Thoma. Despite that, Lannion likes to mess with Ray as well and comment on his tendency to put himself in dangerous situations.



Trio name origins 2.png
  • A mini-game on The Promised Neverland official site revealed two manga pages for players who achieved high scores. The pages showed how Isabella named Lannion after an onion, whether you believe her or not.
    • Furthermore, Lani's hair is shaped like one.
  • Posuka Demizu answered in a Q&A how Lannion, alongside Marvin and Little Bunny, are her favorite characters.[8]
  • The following are Lannion's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • Lani is ranked 12th in the Popularity Poll that was announced in Chapter 88 of the Manga.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Lannion is in 31st place with a total of 42 votes.


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