Lamp (Lamp (ランプ) , Ranpu?) is the second ending theme song of The Promised Neverland anime. It is performed by Cö shu nie, who also performed the first ending theme, Zettai Zetsumei.




With trembling hands

Hold me up again

Give me hope ahead of the step that became heavy

Quasi calm. I do not want to lose anymore

Quasi love. I want to be connected

What you cut off as useless

Irreplaceable for me

Don't be silent with a sad face

Kick it up

The poison that has oozed-stir it-don't cloud it

Dirty enough to be sad

Are you still in time?

Quasi calm.

Quasi love.

I can go over

It warms me together

Stand up as many times

I want to protect it forever

Repaint this little world

The chosen road is lit up

If you're scared

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