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Lambda 7214 is an special facility for experimenting on human children from various different farms. The demons and human scientists working at the facility execute repeated painful and horrific experiments on the children living there. The facility was created in order to try to create higher quality human livestock in a faster and more efficient way than the Premium Farms. However, as a result of the forced drugging and experiments done at Lambda, many children there started to experience abnormal development, side effects, and irregular growth in their muscles, senses, and nervous system. The facility was destroyed after Norman led some other kids being held there in an uprising and escaped the place. It is the farm that Norman was sent to after being shipped from Grace Field.


Instead of being shipped out, Norman was sent to Lambda 7214 to assist in Peter Ratri's research. While going through daily tests and drugs, Norman worked to find a way to escape the farm, and made allies with Vincent and Smee.

Norman's explosives blow up the facility

Norman managed to collect explosives and detonates them while playing chess in his room. The explosives set off the alarms and destroy much of the facility, killing or fatally injuring the majority of the children and staff living there. Together, Norman and Vincent begin their escape. The two run through the hallways and find a dying Smee sitting on the floor, who holds out a pen for Norman, which he takes, before continuing his escape.

Norman rescues Barbara, Cislo, and Zazie

Norman finds the room where Barbara, Cislo, and Zazie are being kept. He unlocks the door and tells them to come with him. Norman holds out his hand, and Barbara asks if he is God. The five of them then escape the facility, leaving the thousands of other children there to die.

Once the five make it outside, they have tied up multiple demon staff that were working at Lambda. He tells them that their research isn't good enough, and promises to wipe out all demons from the world.


Lambda 7214 is a very large facility filled with many different rooms and locations for all sorts of different purposes.

Most children are kept in small rooms, tanks, or even cages. There are some rooms that are colorful and filled with toys and stuffed animals for children to play with, while in other rooms children are eaten alive by demons.

Inhabitants and Workers

  • Norman (Escaped)
  • Zazie (Escaped)
  • Vincent (Escaped)
  • Cislo (Escaped)
  • Barbara (Escaped)
  • Smee (Deceased)
  • Researchers (Presumed deceased)
  • Numerous unnamed children (Presumed deceased)


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