Julius Ratri makes a proposal
Julius Ratri
 Kanji ユリウス・ラートリー
 Rōmaji Yuriusu Rātorī
• Characteristics •
 Gender Male
 Race Human
 Hair Color White
 Eye Color Green
• Professional Information •
 Prev. Affiliation Ratri Clan
DemonKing Name
 Prev. Occupation Gatekeeper
• Personal Status •
 Relatives James Ratri (Descendant) Peter Ratri (Descendant)
Mike Ratri (Descendant)
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 47 (Flashback)
Chapter 141 (Actual)

Julius Ratri (ユリウス・ラートリー, Yuriusu Rātorī?) is a character of The Promised Neverland. He is the ancestor of James and Peter Ratri, and the one responsible for forging "The Promise" with DemonKing Name.



Being born a Ratri, Julius thus has the family's distinctive green eyes and white hair, which he kept long and slicked back. Julius has a tall and long nose line as well as pupils with concentric circles. In battle, Julius wears a light-colored hood donned with an armor helmet and gloves, what lied under his hood is black wool-like clothing covering up his limbs and his neck.


Julius appeared to have a good responsibility on his shoulders and a leader-type of personality who cared about his comrades deeply. While he sometimes let his pessimistic thoughts take the better of him, he always managed to snap out of it. He was sick and tired of his family, friends, and comrades being killed and eaten by the demons. However, his means to achieve peace between the demons had him betray his allies and had them eaten by demons when they refused to allow a certain portion of humans remain as an offering to the demons, so he and his people could live in peace safely away from the demons. In return, Him made it so that Julius and all his descendants would uphold the human side of the bargain and collaborate with the demons forever, meaning he would never be rid of his guilt and always be near the very demons he wanted to flee from.


Promised Forest Arc

Julius was first mentioned when Sonju talked about the history of the Promise with Emma and Ray, as the demon explained how he was the one responsible for forging the Promise.[1]



  1. The Promised Neverland Manga: Chapter 47, page 7

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