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Jin (ジン, Jin?) is a minor character of The Promised Neverland. Jin, along with his teammate, Hayato, are allies with William Minerva, who they admire and look up to.


Much like Hayato, Jin was born in a factory farm affiliated with Lambda 7214. He was sent to Lambda as a test subject, where he was then experimented on. These experiments are likely the cause of his rapid growth and maturity, much like the ones done on Zazie. In 2046, "Minerva" destroyed the facility and rescued all the children within, including Jin. He was then brought to the Paradise Hideout with the other children and began working under his savior, Minerva.


King of Paradise Arc

After the destruction of B06-32, the orphans from Grace Field and Goldy Pond are traveling through the forest. Emma, Ray, and Don sense a wild demon nearby, so they separate from the group and try to find it. However, when they find the pack of wild demons, they are surrounding two unknown humans. Emma exclaims that they need to save them, so she, Ray, and Don jump into action and swiftly kill the demons.

They then confront the two humans, who are very grateful and begin thanking them. The two then introduce themselves as Jin and Hayato. After Hayato notices Emma's farm identifier, he and Jin explain that they were looking for them under orders from William Minerva.

Jin and Hayato are then introduced to the rest of the group, who they immediately respect and admire. The two explain how they were saved by Minerva, and that Minerva asked them to look for the Grace Field escapees and bring them to their base.


Jin is a boy of average height and build. He has spiky hair pulled back into a short, high ponytail. The hair pulled back in the ponytail is white, while the rest is black. Jin is always seen wearing a black bandana that covers his nose and mouth, and he often wears a hooded cloak with an owl pin as well.


Jin is determined and fiercely loyal, specifically to Norman, as shown by his willingness to follow Norman's orders to kill Mujika.



Jin and Hayato are good friends, and they are often seen by one another's side. They try to help each other out when they are in danger.


Jin, along with hundreds of other children, was rescued from Lambda 7214 by Norman. He respects Norman and often takes orders from him.

Emma and Ray

Skills and Abilities


Jin seems to be skilled in using a spear, and it appears to be his weapon of choice.


  • Jin is the second known character who is Chinese, or at least has a Chinese name, with the first character being Hao (a Grace Field orphan who was shipped out as mentioned in Chapter 1).
    • Jin is also the third/forth known character who has an Asian name, with the first being Hao, the second being Mister, and the third/forth being his friend Hayato.


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