Jemima in Anime

7 year old Jemima

Jemima in 2046

 Kanji ジェミマ
 Rōmaji Jemima
• Characteristics •
 Birthday 2040
 Gender Female
 Race Human
 Age 5[1]
6 (by 2046)
7 (by 2047)[2]
9-10 (by 2050)[3]
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Brown
 Height Around 100 cm
• Professional Information •
 Prev. Affiliation Grace Field House (Escaped)
Shelter B06-32 (Escaped)
The Paradise Hideout
 Farm Identifier 31394
• Personal Status •
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
• Portrayals •
 Japanese VA Erisa Kuon

Jemima (ジェミマ) is a 5-year-old orphan who formerly resided in the Grace Field House. Jemima is considered as one of the house's "low-quality goods"[4] and hence has average intelligence for her age. She was brought into the escape plan by Emma two months after the truth of the orphanage was revealed.

After her success of escaping Grace Field alongside 14 other orphans, Jemima now seeks to find William Minerva, whom she and her team believe can grant them the liberty to live a safe and peaceful life away from the demons.


Jemima is a young girl with dark skin and big, oval-shaped dark brown eyes. She has curly black hair which she slicks back into a low bun. Like all the other children at the orphanage, she wears the standard uniform— a white shirt and skirt along with plain brown shoes. Her identification number, "31394", can be seen on the left side of her neck.

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In 2047, Jemima stopped wearing the standard uniform, instead adopting long black pants, a black shirt, and a long white-colored coat. She also began leaving her hair untied and wears dreadlocks.


Jemima is a cheerful little girl who is described as being a "straight shooter".[1] Despite being more polite, well-behaved, and reserved compared to the other younger children, Jemima can display acts of mischievousness with her fellow foster siblings. She is also very helpful and responsible, as, despite her young age, she helps around with chores in the House and after they escape as well.

She is very caring and considerate towards others, especially her family. She worries about the people important to her a lot.


Introduction Arc

Taking daily tests, playing a game of tag, eating scrumptious homemade food and having a good time – Jemima went through the same routine every day in Grace Field House.

During a game of tag, she was caught by Krone. She is seen participating in the training sessions under the disguise of playing.

Jailbreak Arc

Jemima and the other escapees

Jemima in Ray's arms, after crossing the cliff.

As one of the youngest children, Jemima was one of the last people recruited into the escape plan after hearing about the truth of the orphanage, the House, and Isabella. During the escape, Jemima is frightened to cross the cliff and begins crying, until Ray carries her and they decide to cross together. Jemima and her siblings escape from Grace Field House in January 2046.

Promised Forest Arc

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After escaping Grace Field with her siblings, Jemima and the others started looking for location B06-32 with some help from Mujika and Sonju; in which later they found out it is a hidden shelter in the wasteland. Upon reaching Shelter B06-32 like the rest of the children, she took refuge in it for more than a year.[5]

Human World Arc

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Click on "Expand" to read.

Upon arriving in the Human World, Jemima is seen to be visibly worried and shocked about Emma's disappearance. Jemima, along with the other children, agrees to search for Emma so they can reunite with her again.[6] Over the two years spent in the Human World, Jemima began attending school. During spring 2050, she finally reunites with Emma.[7]



Ever since Ray comforted Jemima and helped her cross the cliff during their escape from Grace Field, Jemima has gained a deep attachment to him. She cares for him deeply and is always worried about his well-being, running into his arms and hugging him when she thinks he was in danger.[8] Ray, in turn, cares for Jemima just as much and views her as an important younger sister.


Alicia is Jemima's best friend. Growing up as orphans in Grace Field, they developed a very close sisterly-bond. Prior to the escape, they were often seen in each other's company and playing together. Ever since the escape, they have been supporting and helping each other out in everything.

Grace Field Escapees

Jemima gets along with the Grace Field Escapees, particularly the younger children such as Yvette, Chris, Mark, Dominic and Rossi. While Jemima prefers to stay in the background while her siblings are more loud-mouthed, Jemima loves them all as siblings who grew up together. They are often seen playing together, helping each other with chores, and cheering for one another's accomplishments. She is also close to Anna, as they are often helping and teaching each other about various things.


  • The following are Jemima's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump's popularity poll results announced in Chapter 88, Jemima is in 34th place.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Jemima is in 33rd place with a total of 31 votes.


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