"You must be in pain. You must be suffering ... You've lost your wings, realized that you're trapped and lost your pillar of moral support on top of it all. You poor thing ... I can only imagine your despair. You must accept that escape attempts are futile at this point. Give up already, darling~"

Isabella to Emma in "Emptiness"


Young Isabella Anime

Adult Isabella

Young Isabella

 Kanji イザベラ
 Rōmaji Izabera
 Alias Mama (ママ)
• Characteristics •
 Birthday 2014
 Gender Female
 Race Human
 Age 31[1]
 Hair Color Dark Brown
 Eye Color Purple (Anime)
Brown (Manga)
 Height 170 cm
 Blood Type A
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation Grace Field House
 Prev. Affiliation Ray
 Occupation Mama; Caretaker
 Farm Identifier 73584
 Status Unknown
• Relationships •
 Relatives Ray (Son)[2][3]
 Allies Grandmother, the demons
 Enemies Krone, Emma, Norman, Ray, Grace Field Escapees
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
 Other Media A Letter from Norman
• Portrayals •
 Japanese VA Yūko Kaida[4][5]
 English VA Laura Post[6]

Isabella (イザベラ, Izabera?), also known as Mama (ママ; English "Mom") by the children, is the Mama and caretaker who runs the Grace Field House. Although initially loved by all children, she is revealed as the main antagonist of The Promised Neverland in the Jailbreak arc.


  • Isabella smiled at Leslie as the latter blushed.
  • Leslie played his instrument as Isabella listens.

Isabella was born in 2014 and she sent to Grace Field House a year later in 2015. Growing up as an orphan herself in one of the "orphanages", she met a child named Leslie who became her closest friend. She learned a song from him that instantly became her favorite song. Leslie was later shipped out and killed, and the grief caused by the absence of her closest friend made Isabella attempt to escape from Grace Field by crossing the huge wall. When she saw that there was a huge cliff on the other side, however, the sight crushed all her hopes and she was soon stopped by the Mama of her own orphanage.

When Isabella turned twelve and was shipped-out, she was given two choices: to be killed by the demons, or train to become a Mama. Isabella chose the former, since she wanted to live longer than anybody else in order to honor Leslie's memory and become a Mama so she could give all the kids as much love as she could.

Pregnant Isabella

Isabella shares Leslie's tune to her unborned child.

When Isabella was around 19 years old and still in training, she became pregnant through artificial insemination and she would always sing the same song for her unborn child that Leslie, years earlier, sang for her. Sometime later, the newborn was taken away from her and she was appointed as the new mama of Plantation 3, becoming the youngest ever chosen to become a Mama. After a few years being the mama of Grace Field House, she heard Ray singing the same song that Leslie once sang for her. She then came to the shocking truth that Ray is in fact, her biological son. Since Ray had figured out the truth behind the orphanage and the outside world, he proposed the idea of becoming her spy, which Isabella accepted.


Introduction Arc

When Emma and Norman saw that Conny forgot Little Bunny when she left the Grace Field House, they rushed to find Conny in order to give it to her. Outside of the house's gates they see a parked van. They hear a sound so they hide under it, only to witness what has been happening in their whole life without them knowing. They see Isabella taking with what apears to be demons. In shock, they return to the house running while being unnoticed but they leave little bunny behind. Isabella then finds little bunny at the scene, understanding that some children were there. Isabella is seen in her secret room, contacting the headquarters, however, she doesn't mention anything about children having found out the secret. Isabella gives a task of preparing a room for Emma, Norman, Ray, Don, and Gilda, but the real reason for it is so they can't mess up her plans.

Jailbreak Arc

It is revealed that Isabella knows about the kids' plans as she talk about it to Ray. She locks him up in a room and leaves. Isabella finds Norman and Emma and she introduces her real self to them. To stop them, she goes as far as breaking Emma's leg. She then reveals that Norman is being shipped out.

Search For Minerva Arc

It is revealed that Phil and the others now live in a new house and Isabella stopped being their mom.


  • Isabella's full anime appearance.
  • Isabella's manga appearance.

Isabella is a tall woman with fair skin and deep purple eyes. Her dark brown hair is tied into a bun that hangs down onto the back of her head. She wears an attire which consists of a black dress with a white blouse underneath it and a white apron over it. She has the number "73584" tattooed on the right side of her neck.

During her childhood, Isabella wore standard orphanage clothing and her hair was tied in the form of a braid with two locks of hair framing her face.[7]


Leslie and Izabella

Isabella scaring Leslie, displaying her comedic nature during her childhood

During her childhood, Isabella was shown to be an optimistic, comedic and fun-loving little girl, and was very attached to her childhood friend Leslie. But ever since she acknowledged the true motive behind the orphanage's purpose of raising them; to raise them as livestock for the demons, Isabella's personality went through a drastic change. The present Isabella is a sharp-witted and deceiving woman. As a person highly trained as being a mama, Isabella is astute as being one and, in her early twenties, was elected in being the caretaker of one of the top orphanages. In her Mama persona, Isabella was capable in putting on a motherly, selfless and kind-hearted facade whenever she is around the orphans in Grace Field House, and hence was able to earn the trust and love from her foster children, such as Don, who initially refused to believe that Isabella is evil when Emma exclaimed how she has been actually shipping off children to feed the demons.[8] Isabella's behavior is very mercurial, capable of switching between seemingly true affection for the orphans to extreme loathing and threat of violence towards those who defy her. Isabella was unhesitant in taking down those who stand in her way, sometimes even physically, this was shown when Isabella finally dropped her usual motherly facade and stopped Emma and Norman from escaping, she violently fractured Emma's leg without a second thought.

Izabella and Emma

Isabella threatening Emma.

Another few of Isabella's prominent traits are her high cunning and intelligence. As being one of the top Mamas, Isabella uses her intelligence in foiling and sabotaging the orphans' escape plan. She was shown to be quite resourceful, as she depended on her transmitter to track down the orphans. Isabella was unafraid of using her intelligence and position as a Mama to threaten her enemies, as she openly threatens Emma despite knowing it as a reckless and risky move when she seeks to gather information on how Emma and the others are going to escape.

Skills and Abilities


Isabella has shown that she is an very intelligent and can notice the smallest of details. She quickly and easily discovered the children's plan to escape and has been able to keep all her children healthy and top of the line. She is also quite adept at chess, further proving her sharp intellect.

Enhanced Strength

From being able to lift Emma off the ground and break her leg with ease of lifting heavy objects, Isabella has proven herself to be physically strong.



Isabella confronts Ray

Isabella confronts Ray after hearing a familiar tune.

When she first met him, Isabella believed Ray to be just another orphan for her to raise in Grace Field. But at some point, she overheard Ray whistling a tune she learned from her childhood sweetheart Leslie, and very quickly suspected that Ray was her son, the baby she was made to carry and give birth to as a part of her training to become a Mama.

Later on, Ray asked her why she gave birth to him, having somehow figure out their familial connection and Isabella was momentarily shocked to confirm that Ray was indeed her child but coldly responded so that she could live.

Indeed, Isabella has no true love for her son Ray, as she used him as her spy to monitor all the children in her care in exchange for giving Ray simple gifts every now and then, and eventually dismissed his service in lieu of his eventual shipping, showing no remorse or concern.

However, at the end, when Ray, Emma, and several of her children succeeded in escaping Grace Field after she herself had deemed the prospect impossible Isabella secretly hoped and prayed for them to survive, to live, to have the courage she never did.


Isabella served as Emma's Mama in Grace Field.


Isabella served as Norman's Mama in Grace Field before shipping him off.


Krone was sent to Isabella as sister to aid Isabella in supervising the Grace Field orphans. Krone and Isabella's relationship has been work-based, and Krone soon showed sign of defiance toward Isabella and a hatred for her. As Krone worked to throw Isabella off of the Mama position, Isabella was a step ahead of Krone. Sarah and Isabella tricked Krone into thinking that she would become a Mama at a different plant, only to be killed by Vida despite the fact that she had information that Emma, Norman, and Ray were devising a plan to escape the plant. Sarah tells Krone that Isabella is skilled enough and can handle that, but Krone is in the way of her, and that she must be killed as to not throw off Isabella.


Sarah was Isabella's Mama in Grace Field before being promoted to Grandmother. After Leslie's death, Isabella was given the decision by the previous Grandmother of either dying or training to be a Mama. Sarah stood in the background awaiting her answer.


I must live for myself, and to give purpose to Leslie's life.[9]
— Leslie's friendship with Isabella gave her the reason to live.
Leslie is a childhood sweetheart of Isabella's, and the closest friend she had during her innocent years in the orphanage they were raised in.

Isabella was often shown to be free-spirited and chummy when she was with Leslie. When Leslie hummed a tune he composed, Isabella eavesdropped him and later encouraged him to share it with her. The boy was shy with her request at humming his tune to her at first but later decided to after blushing from seeing Isabella's charming smile. The two soon chanted the tune together.[10] In the anime, Leslie did not chant the tune of his to Isabella, he used an instrument to play the tune out for her.[11]

Leslie sees Isabella cry

Leslie spot Isabella crying as he was about to depart from Grace Field.

Tragedy struck as Leslie was sent off to get killed by the demons – a painful revelation Isabella eventually knew after discovering the dark secrets and evil doings of her orphanage and her caretaker. After Isabella failed to escape the orphanage when she discovered a steep cliff which surrounds the outside of the walls, she was soon sent off by orders from Grandmother.[12] Knowing how Leslie has passed gravely affected her, as she described his death to have unbelievably frustrated her,[13] Isabella is now a shadow of her free-spirited and lively self. This evidently showed how strong her love for Leslie is, to the degree of losing the personality that once defined her.

On the flip side of the coin, though Leslie has passed, Isabella's memories of him and the tune they had between them invigorated her and gave her strength and the meaning to live on. Isabella's love for Leslie was also the reason why she chose to become a caretaker instead of getting killed. Leslie's tune, which Isabella still reminisced till this day, was sung during the time when she was pregnant as she shared the tune to her unborn baby as a tribute to Leslie.

Grace Field Orphans

Isabella serves as the Mama of all of the Grace Field Orphans until the fire burnt down the orphanage and the older children escaped and the younger ones that were left behind moved to another orphanage and Mama.



  • According to Kaiu Shirai, he made the main protagonist a female, because Isabella is the first antagonist, is a female too, hence thinking that the mother-daughter relationship between the two would make the story "more interesting".[14]
  • In an interview, Posuka Demizu mentioned that he enjoys drawing Isabella, and thinks that she is a character that should be drawn beautifully.[15]
  • Isabella is the youngest ever to become a Mama, she was appointed as one for Grace Field House in her early twenties.Citation needed
  • Her name means "devoted to god" in Hebrew, which may relate to her being a servant to the demons.
  • The following are Isabella's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • Isabella is ranked 4th in the Popularity Poll that was announced in Chapter 88 of the manga.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Isabella is in 8th place with a total of 1151 votes.

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