Paula and Gillian numbering

Gillian and Paula showing their identifiers.

The Farm Identifiers are a standard procedure for all children from the Grand Valley orphanages. Similar to the Numbering system used in Grace Field House, they are likely marked before they reach the farm. However, while the Grace Field House orphans' identifiers are on their necks, the Grand Valley children marks are across the chest. Mamas and Sisters, like any other adult human in the Hierarchy of the demons, presumably also have a numbering.


The Grand Valley Identifiers consist of a single letter followed by a Roman numeral, then a sequence of 3 numbers, a dash, and a second 3 number sequence.

Person Age by 2047 Year of Birth (If Available) Identifier
Zack 19 2028 QII863-552
Sonya 18 2029 EIV019-270
Oliver 18 2029 AII866-890
Paula 18 2029 AXI640-651
Sandy 18 2029 PVI468-992
Nigel 17 2030 RIII522-633
Pepe 17 2031 PX363-076
Gillian 16 2031 QI231-493
Violet 14 2033 DIV332-198
Theo 13 2034 FIII715-412

It is so far not known how the identifiers can be decoded. If it is assumed that, like Grace Field House, there are 30 children born each year, then there should be around 30 identification sequences in between those born a year apart, such as those of Zack and Sonya.

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