Grand Valley (グランドバレー, Gurando Barē?) is one of the four Premium Farms. Just like the Grace Field House, Grand Valley has appointed caretaker(s) to raise orphans that will later be sent to become livestock for demons to consume.




Grand Valley located inside the hexagon-shaped walls, which makes up the Premium Farms.

The Grand Valley's physical appearance is practically unknown, but appeared to share similar features to that of Grace Field House as shown in Theo's flashback.[2]

Further evidence showed how Grand Valley, alongside the other three premium farms, has indeed exactly the same appearance as Grace Field. The building is built inside a large hexagon-shaped wall with a steep cliff surrounding it, further outside is the demon forest.

Former inhabitants

  • Oliver [3] (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Sonya (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Violet (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Zack (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Sandy (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Gillian (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Nigel (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Pepe (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Paula (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Theo (Formerly, Transferred to Goldy Pond)
  • Jake (Deceased)
  • Monica (Deceased)
  • Other Grand Valley Orphans (Some transferred to Goldy Pond, Some deceased or still alive)

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  • All children from Grand Valley have a coding sequence that starts with a letter, then has a sequence of Roman numerals, followed by a 3-number sequence, a dash, and 3 more numbers. For instance, Violet's code is "DIV332-198". This number sequence has yet to be decoded at the time of writing, although all escapees who were part of the Goldy Pond Resistance have had a listed age and code. 


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