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Goldy Pond Resistance vs Bayon is the battle shown in The Promised Neverland. This is the battle between Zack, Pepe, Gillian, Nigel, Oliver and Lucas against the poacher Bayon. This battle took place at Goldy Pond.


Pepe and Zack didn't succeed in killing Bayon, so Gillian and Nigel tried to kill him but they also failed, With the help of Lucas and Oliver Bayon died.


Nigel thought that Bayon might have stabbed Zack and Pepe because his sword had blood. Nigel was surprised because Zack was an expert in fighting. Nigel believes Zack and Pepe will be ok. Gillian and Nigel need to separate. Nigel will stop Bayon, Gillian will go to Zack's team location. But, Gillian was naughty. She attacked Bayon and said Nigel should go to Zack's team.

Gillian shoots Bayon. Nigel is scared but he realizes that Gillian did it because she didn't want him to die. Gillian was almost hit by Bayon's weapon. Nigel shot Bayon and he said he was the one who was supposed to go. Nigel was annoyed with Gillian for what she had done. But they just fight together against Bayon. Bayon sees the 2 and he finds out they killed Luce's disciples and Luce. He said that Zack and Pepe fighting spirit was splendid to. Bayon asked who they found out about the killing method. He asked if Gillian and Nigel could accompany him to Lucas. Nigel and Gillian ran but Gillian was suddenly stabbed, Bayon let Nigel choose who among Gillian and Lucas should die and who should live. Pepe saves them from Bayon.

Nigel made Gillian. He ran with Pepe to Lucas' hiding place. Bayon searched for the 3 youths until he found the place where the children were hiding. Lucas suddenly attacked him and Oliver and Nigel shot him.

In flashback, Zack and Pepe are shown fighting Bayon. Zack said that he would take care of Bayon. Zack sends Pepe the weapons and joins Oliver, as fast as Pepe can. In the present time, Nigel and Oliver shoot Bayon to death. Bayon is not dead yet but his mask has been removed. They continued to fight Bayon until Lucas shot Bayon in the eye and the demon died but before he died Bayon scratched Oliver and Bayon's nail was stabbed into Oliver's body.


When Bayon died, Pepe went to see Zack. Bayon's nail was stabbed into Oliver's body and this situation was not good. Gillian also sustained serious injuries but is alive. They treated Oliver and Gillian so they could recover. Pepe can't use his hand.


  • Zack is both an expert in warfare and in medicine.