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Gillian & Nigel vs Luce is the first battle shown in The Promised Neverland. This is the battle between Gillian and Nigel and a poacher Luce. This battle took place at Goldy Pond.


Luce's disciples fight Gillian and Nigel, all of his disciples die and Gillian kills him immediately.


At this time, the Goldy Pond Resistance starts their attack. Gillian's sister and their other friends died one by one at the hands of the demon. While Gillian was in the tree. Gillian almost hit Luce in the eye and she didn't bother to shoot Luce's assistants with her 2 guns. Luce is afraid of Gillian because she knows the weakness of demons.

Nigel was also in the tree as he hit Luce in the face. Luce just sent his assistants because of his fear. Luce thought he was going to win because Gillian and Nigel's bullets were going down but he was wrong. All his assistants died. Luce was alone.[1]

Luce without mask

He fought but he immediately released his sword because Nigel hit it so Luce suddenly ran away. They hit his mask so it was removed. Gillian shot Luce in the eye and he died at the hands of the human girl.[2]


Luce was the first of the five to die. Because Luce is the weakest. They move on to the next step.



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