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Gilda (ギルダ, Giruda?) is a 10-year-old orphan who formerly resided at Grace Field House Plant 3 as one of the many foster children of Isabella. Being one of the smartest children after Emma, Norman, and Ray, Gilda is considered as one of Grace Field House's "good quality goods". A quiet but firm girl, she is brought into the escape plan alongside Don after the truth of the orphanage is revealed.

After her success of escaping Grace Field alongside 14 other orphans, Gilda now seeks to find William Minerva, whom she and her team believe can grant them the liberty to live a safe and peaceful life away from the demons.


Gilda was born in 2035 and sent to Plantation 3 a year later in 2036, growing up along with several other children under the parental care of Isabella.


Gilda is a young girl of average height with fair skin. She wears a big pair of circular-lensed glasses over her grey eyes. She has short, straight olive drab hair kept in a Chinese bob hairstyle. Like all the other children at the orphanage, she wears the standard uniform— a white shirt and skirt along with plain brown shoes. Her identification number, "65194", can be seen on the left side of her neck.

In 2047, now at the age of 12, Gilda seems to have grown a lot in terms of height. She stopped wearing the standard uniform, instead adopting a long black skirt, a white-colored coat and a black shirt underneath. She also grew her hair out, and is often seen having it tied into a simple bun at the back with two locks of hair framing her face.

In the live-action movie, Gilda's age is 15 instead of 10, thus she is assumingly taller and has the appearance of a teenager. Besides the change in age, the live-action version of Gilda still closely resembles her manga and anime counterparts.[5]


Gilda is a quiet, gentle, mature, and slightly introverted young girl. She is reliable and often helps around with chores around the House and plays with the younger orphans. She has a caring personality and gets along well with her siblings, especially Emma. Her consideration is further shown when she expressed concern for the other cattle children in the other plantations prior to their escape. She is also shown to intuitive, as she knew that Emma was hiding something during the planning of the escape. While she comes off as more docile and timid compared to Emma, she shows surprising displays of nerve when she and her friend's safety is in danger, such as when she lies to Krone to obscure what she's learned about the orphanage. She is also shown to be determined and brave, as she refuses to back off in their escape plan even after hearing that it could kill them.

Gilda is also shown to be determined and stubborn in her choices, as she threatens Mister that she will blow up the shelter if he returns with neither of them alive from their journey to Goldy Pond. Gilda also assumes a maternal role to the group when they travel, for the most part staying behind to look after the children and take care of their home. She's very patient and understanding, but the risks Emma continues to put herself in annoys Gilda and she can be quite scary when confronting Emma about this.


Introduction Arc

Gilda is first seen when Mama calls all the older children to help her with chores around the house. While cleaning, she takes Don and goes to another room. The next day, a child runs to her and asks where Emma is. She says, she doesn't know and makes a sad face. Later on, she and Emma go to bathe and dress the toddler since they are the only two allowed to. While putting them to sleep, she looks at Emma and tells her she's really good with babies and that she could tell Carol already loves her. Gilda then approaches Emma to ask her about "That Night", but is interrupted when Emma starts checking Carol. She then asks if Carol had bug bite behind their ear

Gilda, along with Don is summoned by Norman to the library. In there, Emma and Norman tell them that Conny has been kidnapped and sold, to which she easily believes and starts crying. Later on, she is seen talking with Emma and sleeps on her bed. When Emma had fallen asleep, she got out of the room and went ahead to meet Sister Krone secretly. Emma, waking up, on the other hand, decides to follow them and listens to their conversation from the other side of the door. Meanwhile, Gilda tells Sister Krone that she has nothing troubling her, to which Sister Krone replies that Emma had told her everything. Gilda having thought that Sister Krone had seen through her, panics. But having realized that she might have been lying, she tells Sister Krone that she has nothing troubling her at all. Gilda leaves but right before she goes out, Sister Krone whispers something in her ear. Going out of the room, she sees Emma and tries to explain what happened but was surprised when Emma hugs her. She then thinks about what Sister Krone had whispered to her, that, if ever she finds out that Emma is lying to her, Gilda should just tell her about it.

Jailbreak Arc

Gilda and her siblings escape from Grace Field House Plant 3 on January 15, 2046.[6]

Promised Forest Arc

After escaping Grace Field with her siblings, Gilda and the others started looking for location B06-32 with some help from two demons; Mujika and Sonju, whom they learned many things from. They later found out it is a hidden shelter in the wasteland. She begins living there for about two years and meets Mister.[7]

Search For Minerva Arc

Gilda and Don are entrusted to take of the younger children while Emma, Ray, and Mister depart on their trip to Goldy Pond. Gilda expresses her worry towards them several times, and even threatens Mister that she would blow up the shelter if he does not bring Ray and Emma back alive.

Along with her siblings, Gilda was crying tears out of joy after Emma woke up from her coma.[8]

Cuvitidala Arc

As more than a year has passed, Gilda, along with Don, Ray, Emma, Violet, and Zack infiltrated into a demon village in disguise after their success in finding the Golden Waters and the temple as they walked through the village to the direction of Shelter B06-32. They soon returned to the shelter and reunited with Mister, Lucas and the others.[9]

Along with his family, Gilda escapes the Shelter B06-32 after it was raided by Andrew and his crew, and later and mourns Lucas, Mister, and the other children who lost their lives in the attack.

Upon arriving at the Paradise Hideout and meeting Norman, Gilda was seen to be overjoyed. She later gets a mission by Norman to find Mujika and Sonju again along with Don, but both of them are suspicious of his true intents. They end up departing on a trip to find them along with Hayato and Ayshe as their escorts.



Out of all the orphans, Emma is the closest to Gilda. Despite Gilda's teamwork morals and reserved personality and Emma more cavalier attitude, the two see each other as close friends regardless. Gilda acts as a motherly/sisterly figure towards Emma and deeply cares for her well-being; when Emma risked her life to save the orphans, Gilda pinpointed on her recklessness and scolded the latter.

Norman and Ray

She sees Norman and Ray as brotherly figures and cares for them greatly. Gilda holds respect for them and their choices and is confident in both of their abilities.


Don and Gilda are shown to be rather close friends and it is shown that she is able to calm him down when he is angered or saddened. The two are often seen beside each other and it is shown that they trust each other greatly.



  • Gilda's wish for when she leaves the orphanage is to wear more fashionable clothes.[10]
  • The following are Gilda's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • In Shonen Jump's popularity poll results announced in Chapter 88, Gilda is in 6th place.
    • In Shonen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Gilda is in 14th place with a total of 442 votes.
  • Gilda's favorite food is cooked apple [1]


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