The mass production of cheap meat. Where the livestock is kept in poor conditions, barely even living...just fattening for the slaughter.[1]
— Sonju describing Factory Farming
Factory Farming

Children in one of the Factory Farms.

The Factory Farms are farms that mass produce cheap orphan meat of poor quality. As mentioned by Sonju, there are hundreds of such farms as compared to the mere number of Premium Farms, which are polar opposites of factory farms in terms of the quality of orphan meat they produce.[2]


Factory farm exterior

The exterior of a factory farm.

One of the factory farms "William Minerva" and his team raided resembles that of a normal factory. Two of "Minerva"'s teammates described how the factory farm's exterior is clean-looking, whilst the interior, specifically the room which keeps the orphans, emits a bad odor, even from a distace.[3]



Factory orphan

A factory farm orphan have a brand on his head.

According to the archives in Shelter B06-32, the factory farms simply used brands instead of farm identifiers to mark the orphans. The brands would be engraved onto a certain part of a factory farm orphan's body, such as on the collar bone, the back of a hand, on the head or on the upper part of an arm.[4]

Orphans at the Factory Farm

Orphans who are being kept in these factory farms are being kept alive through machines, like monitors, to keep their organs functioning and give them oxygen, thus the machines are vital in keeping the orphans alive. As explained by William Minerva, if any of the factory farm orphans are removed from the machines they are strapped in, they will immediately die.[5]

The children in these farms don't learn languages, have names, have free will, and cannot think of escaping because they are kept in a comatose state their whole lives. The factory farms are also well-guarded against the Poachers who try to steal the children from the plantations.



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