The Escape from Grace Field House is a pivotal event between a portion of the orphans in Grace Field House and the Grace Field caretakers and demons running the Premium Farms. Following the death of Conny - which directly kick-started the escape - Ray, Emma and Norman plotted a plan to escape whilst recruiting several older orphans in Grace Field along the way, their escape plan was however rivaled and sabotaged by Isabella and Krone, who each have their own motives as they sought to stop them.

The Escape from Grace Field House is the first event that happened in The Promised Neverland's present timeline. It started in Chapter 1 and concluded in Chapter 37 in the manga, and started in Episode 1 and concluded in Episode 12 in the anime. The event is preceded by Massacre of Grand Valley Escapees and proceeded by The Search for Shelter B06-32.



Isabella and Krone's Interference

Ray's Betrayal

Norman's Departure

The Burning of Grace Field House


Anime and Manga Differences


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