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Emma (エマ) is a recurring character in The Promised Neverland anime. She is a child demon living in the demon village. Emma is an anime original character, and as such, she does not appear in the manga.


Emma is a cute young demon girl with lavendar colored skin with a very human looking body. In the upper part of her head, it's covered with a gold-ish colored mask except her sage green eyes along with her tall horns. She has dark lavendar hair that is cheeked-length. She wears a red scarf wrapped around her neck, white shirt with a blue line that reaches her red bow with red fabric belt in the right side. In the lower part of her body she wears a skirt that looks like a lower part of a robe, she has long sleeves with red cuffs and wears yale blue colored pants.


Not much has shown to Emma's personality but she is considered a loving caring demon, she doesn't want to be lonely and leave anyone who's precious to her. She is also very forgiving, and great-hearted.


King of Paradise Arc


In the demon village,while Lannion and the others were walking in the demon village for food,he noticed a demon girl which was Emma walking while carrying a big jar of hands(Emma's first appearance in the series)

Emma crying during the downfall of the demon town.

While the demon village is in trouble, she was inside her house and she went out to look for Vylk. While she was looking for Vylk, Norman was behind him and Emma was about to stab her in the back. But fortunately, Vylk called her and she went to him and hugged him. The drugs reached the two demons and Vylk did not degenerate but Emma did degenerate. When Norman saw that Vylk did not degenerate he rushed to him, and Norman stabbed Vylk's hand. The old demon told Emma to drink his blood to return her body to it's original form. Vylk told her to leave but Emma did not want to. Emma (Human) came right after to find Norman about to kill them.[1]

Both Emma's with Vylk at the exit of the demon temple.

When they are in the temple, Vylk told her to give the other part of the pen to Emma. When Emma and Vylk were leaving, Norman had still felt guilt and had told them to wait. Emma had ran up to Norman and said he was sorry for how demons had treated humans. Vylk had called Emma and Emma was confused. They had smiled at each other and had both walked with Vylk at the exit.[2]

Skills and Abilities

Evil Blooded

Emma drinking Vylks blood after being stabbed by Norman.

Emma had drunk her grandfather's blood when about to be attacked by Norman and her grandfather drank Mujika's blood. She retains the characteristics and sapience of humans without requiring to consume them. Other demons who ingest a drop of her blood gain the same abilities and are also able to spread this unique body composition to other demons.



Emma loves her grandfather. When she drank her grandfather's blood, her grandfather told her to run but she didn't want to leave him.


They have very few interaction in the show, and that is Emma apologizing to Norman about her people for torturing humans.



  • Similarly to Vylk, she did not appear in the manga.
  • Emma seems to be like Mawla or Awla (Most likely Mawla) in the manga.
  • She has the same name as Emma.


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