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Emma, Ray, Mister & GP resistance vs Leuvis is the last battle the Goldy Pond Battle Arc. It is battle between Emma, Nigel, Pepe, Adam, Mister, Ray and Violet against the poacher leader Leuvis. The battle took place in the Goldy Pond.


Emma and the group tries to kill Leuvis before he can restore all his senses. After an faithful fight, Leuvis allows him to get shot by the children, as he is satisfied with what the children have delivered.


The final showdown with Leuvis has begun, and he’s not going down easily. Shots of smoke and descending bullets, followed by Leuvis standing unharmed. After these great opening pages, the chapter quickly shifts into a tale of psychological warfare. Emma and company have to predict Leuvis’s next movements, and then he has to predict their decisions, followed by them anticipating the choices he makes in reaction to their own. The decision Emma and her allies make is ultimately an impressive one. By using their knowledge of Goldy Pond’s electrical and water lines to their advantage, they are able to electrocute Leuvis. This alone doesn’t defeat him, however, and pulling off a kill shot is still difficult. After surviving a terrifying amount of bodily harm, Leuvis goes in for the kill against Emma. Before he can claim victory, however, more players have appeared in the battlefield. The arrival of Ray and Mister has afforded Emma a second chance to bring down Leuvis.

Upon removing Leuvis’s mask, Emma and company put the rest of their plan into action. They rightly assume that in order to take the demon down they’ll have to weaken his senses, and so they render him blind with a flash bang. Unfortunately that’s not enough, as Leuvis proves how dangerous he can be with just his sense of hearing. After slinging glass at his opponents, Leuvis tracks Pepe down by the sound of his pained grunts. After dispatching Pepe, Leuvis uses his brute strength to tear down an entire building, forcing his remaining opponents to relocate. Leuvis may be wounded, but he’s far from out. If anything, he’s now at his most deadly.

Emma and Mister argue over what the smartest strategy would be, with Emma pushing to stay and fight rather than run away. The characters also hint at Lucas’s final contingency plan, which hasn’t been revealed yet. While they are discussing their plans, Leuvis's little pet discovered them from outside the window, soon shouting, leading Leuvis to them. Leuvis then breaks the wall. Even when Leuvis can’t see, his sheer destructive power and menacing confidence make him terrifying to behold. Emma and the group runs away from the room as they start to execute their plan.

Leuvis ambushed Emma's hiding place within the building, as Emma and her team constantly shoot Leuvis with rifles. The fight was soon brought outside as the team struggled in shooting the demon in his middle eye. Leuvis, who was weakening due to his age, nevertheless fought relentlessly as he showed no signs of stopping. A massive piece of dismantled rubble was soon thrown at Leuvis, who the latter barely got hit with.

Leuvis also hearing the pin pull on the flash grenade, and out maneuvering it, plus getting to run Emma through, are all great moments, lending to the idea that Leuvis really is terrifying. Emma and the group continues to shoot towards Leuvis, but to no avail, he dodges all the bullet with his inhuman movement. The flow of battle shifts significantly toward this chapter’s end. Leuvis seems to have regained full control over his senses, so he won’t go down via an uneven match-up. Leuvis ends up stabbing through Emma with his claws, claiming their time is up.

Emma getting fatally impaled by Leuvis. Leuvis dropped her onto the ground and patted her on her head, thanking her and saying how he bears respect towards her as he proceeded to fight Emma's devastated teammates. However, Emma's strength allowed her to stand back up onto the ground, enduring the stabs on her body as she alongside Ray, Violet and Nigel shot the Grand Duke. Leuvis initially intended to dodge their bullets, but soon refused to do so as he openly got shot as blood splattered from his entire body. Mister gave the finishing blow as he shoots Leuvis in the eye. Leuvis fell onto the ground dead, filled with satisfaction with the fight he had.


After numerous casulaties and failed strategies, Emma and her allies finally manage to take down the strongest demon at Goldy Pond. Leuvis smiles as he dies, happy to have found targets capable of standing up to him.

We get a brief glimpse at several of Leuvis’s memories before he dies.

Unfortunately, things are complicated by the group’s injuries. Emma desperately needs medical care that isn’t available at Goldy Pond. She’ll need to be hurried back to the Mister’s bunker for treatment, but the party is too large and fatigued to lead over quickly enough to save Emma’s life. Someone’s going to have to stay behind–and with an unknown number of demons still attending to Lord Bayon’s estate, whoever does is in mortal peril. No matter what decisions they make, the heroes are risking death on all fronts.