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This species of unknown classification, called Demons by the children, and simply referred to as Them by Sister Krone, is comprised of tall humanoids with monstrous appearances and appear as the main antagonists in the cattle children's eyes.


According to Sonju, as the "demons" preyed on ancient humans, some of the humans began to fight back. After countless deaths and wars, a promise was formed between the demons and the humans. The human and demon realms were split in two, where neither was allowed to cross nor hunt each other. They left an unknown amount of humans in the demon realm, stranded with no way to escape, to become livestock for the demons in order to maintain peace in the human world. Thus the plantation system was formed via a loophole, as the demons were not hunting them. Norman theorizes that they originally resembled bacteria, and began to eat and take on the traits of animals and eventually humans.

Types of Demons

Village Demons

Village demons are small to large sized beings with human appearances and features. Some are degenerated due to high quality food being to expensive. They have standard village clothes and masks covering their faces.

Farm Demons

Farm demons are all tall beings that have long, pointy faces with two eyes above each other and two horns on top. They have a mouth with sharp canines and a long tongue. They have long arms, six fingers, and sharp nails. They each have four limbs and walk on two legs.

Some demons have been seen with a pipe connected to their masks. It is currently unknown what purpose this is for, if it serves any purpose at all. All demons so far have also been seen wearing a black cape.

Heathen Demons

Heathens appeared to have the most human-like looks compared to the other types of demons— they each have four limbs and walk on two legs. The heathens are also the only group of demons to have horns on their heads. Just like the farm demons and poachers, the heathens are polydactyly-like, with six fingers on each hand and wear masks with holes for them to see through.

Heathens are specifically known for their religious beliefs of not eating humans, but that does not restrain them for doing so in the future, as a heathen, Sonju, bears the desire to prey on humans again in future.

Wild Demons

Being the least human-like than their other counterparts, the man-eaters crawl on six legs and have numerous eyes, and are completely unclothed. They also appear to be the largest of the species.

Powers and Abilities

Anthropomorphism: For anthropomorphic demons, similar to humans, they can walk on two legs and speak the human language. Several anthropomorphic demons are often seen equipped with weapons, such as spears and daggers, which they use to hunt humans and even their own kind

Ear-piercing Scream: A wild demon can let out an ear-piercing scream to signal to its surrounding allies.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Wild demons are shown to be physically adept (and possibly more so than their civilized counterparts) as they are capable of running, pouncing onto their prey, and climbing up trees at great speed.

Evolution: Demons are capable of rapidly evolving by obtaining the characteristics of whatever they consume, which is how many have gained sapience

Evil Blood: Demons who retains the characteristics and sapience of humans without requiring to consume them. Other demons who ingest a drop of their blood gain the same abilities and are also able to spread this unique body composition to other demons. Only Mujika, Sonju, Emma (demon), Vylk and the demons on the village have this unique ability originally only belonged to Mujika while other demons gained it by ingesting Mujika's blood or by ingesting other demons who have ingested Mujika blood.


Middle Eye: This is demons' only known lethal vulnerability. The anthropomorphic demons always wear protective masks that largely conceal their faces with the exception of an eyehole on their mask's top and bottom, respectively. However, their mask protectively hides their middle eye because once this eye is destroyed the demon dies.

Devolution: Demons must continue to eat in order to retain their characteristics. As a result of consuming low-quality factory farm meat for 1000 years, the ability has deteriorated for inferior demons, and even a period of six months could cause them to lose intelligence and return to the wild. Demons can lose this weakness by ingesting the blood of Mujika or someone else who has done so.

Known demons