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The Day and Night in color, from a cover art.

Here, there is nothing. And yet, you can find anything.Him to Emma in "Come".

The Day and Night is a dimension in which DemonKing Name.png can be found.


The Day and Night is a seemingly-infinite void divided by a horizon into a dark, night-like part and a bright, day-like part. The physics of the dimension behave strangely, with fish swimming in the air that a human can breathe and the floor creating water-like ripple effects while Emma walks on the surface of the Night portion. There appear to be structures in the far distance.

Demon cultural/religious significance

Artwork of the Day and Night on the ceiling of an old demon temple.

Being the residence of the godlike figure DemonKing Name.png, the Day and Night is of much religious significance to the demons. Shrines like the Cuvitidala were created by the demons to view the Day and Night, however, these shrines were abandoned. The reason for the shrines' abandonment is officially unstated, but it could be in connection to the fact that, as stated by Sonju, demons have strayed from past religiousness in recent times due to influence by the previous king.[1]

Ray witnesses the lost souls of the many demons who attempted to reach the Day and Night.

Other places built with the Day and Night in mind were the demon temples that Emma and her friends visited, which depict art of the Day and Night on their ceilings, which is referenced later on by Ray.

According to Ray, many demons have tried to visit this place, but have failed.[2] The Seven Walls has been observed by Emma to appear in art form of religious demon buildings, such as temples.


The proper entrance to the Day and Night, found after getting through the Seven Walls.


The easiest known entryway to the Day and Night is through the Cuvitidala. However, it is not the "correct" entryway, but only a vision, and upon entering, Emma is prompted by Him to go to the proper entrance.

Seven Walls

The proper entrance, the Seven Walls is much more challenging. Only two individuals, Julius Ratri and Emma, are known to have successfully made it to the Demon King and back through the Seven Walls.



Emma visits the Day and Night on two occasions, once through each entrance.

Julius Ratri

Julius Ratri entered the Day and Night in order to forge the original Promise.


The Demon King

The Demon King is the most notable inhabitant and the reason most, Emma included, seek to come to the Day and Night.

The Dragon of Cuvitidala

Spoken of in legends, the Cuvitidala Dragon is often seen alongside the Demon King. It does little but fly around and has no clear role as of yet.


Odd, fish-like fauna inhabit the Day and Night and are seen swimming around the Demon King.



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