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An aerial view of Cuvitidala

Cuvitidala (カルビティダラ, Kuvitidara?) is a location in the Demon World. The ancient ruins of Cuvitidala are the central focus and namesake of the Cuvitidala Arc. It is implied that the place was once a sacred shrine, but its use has been long since discontinued. As it has been closed down, only Emma, having the eye amulet, can use the shrine's clairvoyant abilities.


One of the many symbols carved into Cuvitidala's stone pillars.

Cuvitidala is a Stonehenge-esque structure made of crumbling rock pillars. These pillars have many symbols carved into them and are arranged in the shape of a large eye similar to the shape of Emma's amulet, which seems to be connected to the structure.


Cuvitidala is one of two ways to find the Demon King. However, the Cuvitidala is limited to non-interactive visions of the past and astral projections of DemonKing Name.png in the Day and Night; any true interaction with the demon king can only be made at the "Entrance" at the Seven Walls.



Though Mujika is never featured going to Cuvitidala, it is implied she has a notable connection with the place, as the only known key to Cuvitidala is the amulet given to Emma by her. After realizing this, Emma begins to question the nature of Mujika.[1]


After much research in Shelter B06-32, Emma embarked to Cuvitidala and found it successfully. Accompanied by Ray, Don, Gilda, Violet, and Zack, Emma met the Demon King for the first time at this shrine.'


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