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I'll write a lot of letters. I'll never forget about everyone !— Conny to the other children, before her shipment

Conny (コニー, Konī?) is a supporting character of The Promised Neverland series. She was a 6-year-old orphan girl who formerly resided in the Grace Field House before she was shipped out.


Conny was a young girl with fair skin and oval-shaped blue eyes. She had short blonde hair tied into two pigtails at the back along with short, messy bangs. Like all the other children at the orphanage, she wore the standard uniform; a white shirt and skirt along with plain brown shoes. Her identification number, "48294", could be seen on the left side of her neck.

In the live-action movie, Conny is aged up from 6 to 11, thus she is considerably taller and has a build of a teenager as compared to her anime and manga counterparts.[2] Conny's platinum blonde hair is changed to brown and her green eyes are switched to black in the movie as well.


Conny was a kind, soft-spoken, and gentle girl who loved her family deeply, including Emma, Don, and Isabella. She was also compassionate and caring, as she aspired to become a mother like Isabella once she left the House, and never abandon any children in need.

Emma described Conny to be an absent-minded person, evident when the latter forgotten to bring her own beloved stuff animal, Little Bunny, when she departed from the orphanage. Conny also had intelligence that was average for her age, if not lower than average, as she was one of the youngest orphans to be shipped out of Grace Field House. Conny acknowledged that she wasn't as smart as her other siblings, but she was determined to work hard even after she left the house.[3]


Introduction Arc

Conny was one of the orphans at the Grace Field House where she lived her life comfortably and surrounded by all her siblings who loved her. She was especially close to Don. On October 12, 2045, Conny left the orphanage since Conny's foster mother, Isabella, had revealed that some nice people willing to "adopt" Conny had been found.

While Isabella accompanied Conny to the gates of the orphanage, she sang her a lullaby to which Conny questioned her what song it was. When she was sent out from the house, Emma and Norman noticed that Conny had left her favorite plush, Little Bunny behind, so they immediately tried to catch up and deliver it to her. However, they found that Conny had not been sent away to get adopted, but she had been harvested by the Demons to become food. They saw a strange flower sticking out of her chest which had killed her instantly. Discovering her corpse is what lead Emma and Norman to discover the orphanage's true nature.[3]

Human World Arc

Conny's spirit touched Ray's bag. She is with Isabella's spirit and Yugo's spirit. Ray suddenly senses Conny, Isabella, and Yugo's spirits, wanting to guide him to Emma. [4]



Growing up together in Grace Field House ever since they were born, Don and Conny developed a very close relationship. Conny viewed Don as an older-brother figure and adored him, and Don, in return, viewed Conny as his younger sister and someone he would always protect. They were often seen around each other and always had fun playing together. Both parties were extremely sad to be parted, as they cried when Conny left the House.

When Don heard the truth that Conny was shipped off and killed, he was furious, saddened and frustrated over the loss of his dear sister, and burst out in tears.


Both girls grew up together and considered each other family. Conny loved Emma as a sister and vice-versa, and both loved playing with one another. Emma was doting towards Conny and ensured her that she would be fine even after leaving the house.

When Emma found out about Conny's death, she broke down in a traumatic state due to the loss of her dear sister. Witnessing Conny's death motivated Emma to escape with the rest of her siblings in hopes of never letting them suffer the same fate as her. After the escape of Grace Field House, Conny is one of Emma's main motivations to fight for a future where children don't have to become food.


Isabella was Conny's foster mother and caretaker, thus Conny loved her dearly and was often seen with a bright smile on her face whenever she was around. She also appeared to be fond of being pampered by her, especially during her last days in the house. During Conny's departure from Grace Field House, Conny happily held onto Isabella's hand, commenting how she had not held her hand for quite some time, implying how the two were quite distant from each other. Nevertheless, Conny enjoyed her last moments with Isabella whilst walking towards the gates, as she excitedly explained how she would hold her new adoptive mother's hands the same way she held Isabella's. In the end, however, the love Conny had for Isabella was shattered when Conny was killed by the demons when she was shipped off.



  • The following are Conny's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland’s official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump’s popularity poll results announced in Chapter 88, Conny is in 14th place.
    • In Shounen Jump’s 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Conny is in 17th place with a total of 266 votes.
  • Conny's shipping date was on the 12th of October, 2045.
  • She was the second last child from Grace Field Plantation 3 to be sent, and the last to die at her shipment.


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