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{{Promised Forest Arc}}
{{Promised Forest Arc}}
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Template:Chapters "B-06-32 Part 1" is the fifty-first chapter of The Promised Neverland.


The kids go out of the forest. Musica gives Emma an amulet and tells her to look for The Seven Walls. Musica tells Song-ju that the kids are the escapees that they have been told about.

He tells her that he wants the kids to break The Promise so that he can hunt and eat humans again. According to his faith, all wild and natural beings that are purely created by God are okay for them to hunt. He waits for them to multiply so he can hunt again. chapter 51 page 13-15

Song-ju leaves to take care of some business. Musica then says that there is more than one Promise.

The kids ask where they are and Emma checks the pen that they are on B06-32. Then all of them are shocked to find out that the area "B06-32" is nothing but plain land.

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