Template:Chapters "Escape" is the thirty-seventh chapter of The Promised Neverland.


This chapter marks the end of Emma and Ray's big escape plan, having escaped with a majority of the older children. The last few chapters have a couple of really cool events, like Norman's (offscreen so it didn't happen because Shonen) death, Ray's suicide attempt, making use of Ray's suicide attempt and faking it in order to fool Mama, and the revelation that they've all actually been training, even the faceless kids in the background.

Here we get to see a brief backstory of Isabella's backstory, how she found out the truth about the plantation and was quickly integrated into being a Mother, getting pregnant and giving birth offscreen, and being installed as Mama of Plantation #3. However, we also get the bombshell that Ray is her biological son, which explains a lot of how shifty Ray is, how full of self-loathing he is, and how Isabella gives Ray an ungodly amount of freedom that doesn't make sense if he's just her informant. The way that Isabella discovers this -- listening to Ray hum her favourite hum that she did while she was pregnant -- is also pretty dark, showing that none of the Mothers really knew what happened to their children, just that they were sent to plantations.

Isabella has a brief moment of flashbacks, smiling and noting that it's her defeat, how she only wanted to survive and all that, while noting to herself that she really wished she could've loved the children normally. Aw, the devil does have a heart. She bids them farewell in her own way, and apparently helped to hide any evidence as to the methods of Emma's group's escape -- there's no way she can catch up now with the ropes cut, anyway. She briefly informs Phil that 'they all made it out safely' before gathering the other kids and singing them to sleep. She notes that she did all she can do to ensure that the demons' forces will be hunting within the plantations by hiding evidence that they jumped the gap.


  • The date at the end of the chapter is January 16th 2046.
  • This chapter ends the Jailbreak Arc.
  • Ray is revealed to be Isabella's son.


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