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"If we weren't here at this farm ... Do you think we could be living like normal girls? Wearing cute clothes ...And falling in love? "Cecil to Krone in Seeking the Sky of Freedom

Cecile (セシル, Seshiru) is the main antagonist in the special chapter Seeking the Sky of Freedom. Born and raised on an unknown plantation at Grace Field House, Cecile was a childhood friend of Krone, whom she reunited with while training to become a sister at Grace Field Headquarters. Cecile was 2 years older than Krone.


Cecile is a tall, slender woman with straight and thin blonde hair. Her farm identifier, "72684", is written on her neck, like other Grace Field produce.


Cecile deep down is a very kind and caring woman, and tends to show her affection through "tough love"; when betraying Krone, in her final moments alive she claims it was all to teach her how to survive the sister program and grow to become a successful mother. Cecil cares deeply for those around her, especially Krone who grew up with her on the same Plant in Grace Field, and who is two years younger than her.

During her time in the sister program, Cecile was known to always report suspicious behavior, making her out to be someone attentive to details as well as unfeeling in certain aspects. It can also be said when she notices the blue thread on the back of an embroidery displaying headquarter's layout.


Cecile first appears during the special side story Seeking the Sky of Freedom, when she comes forward to bring Krone's missing embroidery project. If it had not been for her, Krone would've been eliminated and killed. Much later, after returning her embroidery project, the two eat a meal together, talking about their younger years on the plant they grew up on. As a child, Cecile was a bit chubbier than the other children, and was often made fun of because of it. However, Krone was the one to always protect her when she was bullied by their brothers. Both women thought the other had been shipped off, and now with the knowledge of Cecile being alive in front of her, Krone cries.

During a "briefing" Grandma has, Cecile brings the idea to Krone that they should escape the sister program. Her plan is complicated, but to Krone it seems like it could work: the two girls would steal clothes to appear as caterers, and leave through the back. The chips in their heart can be deactivated by the watch Grandma carries on her person. Not only that, a pattern on the back of an embroidery Cecile has lays out the pattern of the headquarters, all outlined in blue thread. Krone agrees to the plan, now comfortable with how likely they'll be able to escape

Over the course of the sister program, Cecile gets as much information as she can, memorizing patterns and how long those patterns take. Once the plan is ready, the girls discuss what they'd like to do once on the outside; Krone said how she would've loved to do sports, and get married and become a mother later on in life. Cecile, however, claims she always wanted to be just like Krone, planning on dying her hair black and getting it curled. Cecile even claims that she doesn't like how it's blonde and thin, hating how it never had the volume Krone's did. She then expresses the reason why she wanted to be like Krone was because she was always there to protect her from the boys who bullied and harassed her, always being by her side. She then relishes in the idea of them living as normal girls, wearing cute outfits and falling in love.

After watching a sister attempt to escape, and killed just moments away from getting her freedom, Krone starts to have second thoughts. Cecile still instills some hope in Krone, telling her if it's them they'll be able to escape. That day, Krone attempts to steal the watch Grandma has, planning on disabling their chips and escaping. However, at the same time, Cecile is already warning Grandma that her watch is getting stolen, and rats out Krone to her. As Krone is in shock from how Cecile could betray her, she reveals she's the one who hid her embroidery that one time, and reminds her of something she said earlier: "Everyone's going to do something to stay alive". Krone is taken away, and thanks to her, Cecile is now expected to be picked by Grandma to become a mother.

Eventually, Cecile is revealed to be getting eliminated rather than move up in her rank, due to running an operation of escapees, making the layout of headquarters, and instructing Krone to steal the watch. She is then dragged off, and killed. However, it's revealed that in her final moments, she intended to get caught and let Krone live; Krone was always second when it came to scores and tests, meaning she had a good chance of becoming a mother if Cecile was eliminated. She was also planning on betraying her to make her cold-blooded, which would give her the motivation she needed to become a mother and survive. Her only regret was never witnessing a truly free sky they both could see after they escaped the farms.

Skills and Abilities


Cecile is almost always number one in her class, excelling in tests both physical and mentally. Along with being incredibly intelligent, it was most likely another reason why she was elected into the sister program, as only the smartest are considered into the program.


While not shown, it's expected that Cecile is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, since all sisters and mothers are expected to be exceptionally strong to outbeat children who attempt to escape, or carrying and retrieving children after wandering off in the fields.


It's possibly hinted that Cecile is very deceptive and a bit of a liar, reporting suspicious activity to Grandma before Krone's arrival. She lies for her own benefit, but also for Krone's. In her final moments alive, she claims that all of the things she laid out for Krone to rat her out were laid there purposefully for Krone's own benefit. Not only was she able to trick Krone into trusting her, but she was also able to trick her into thinking she betrayed her for her own self-gain, when it was all for her little sister.


Like other sisters, Cecile is exceptionally good with sewing and embroidery, being able to craft a layout of headquarters on the back of embroidery.



As a child, Krone was very kind to Cecile, often being there to protect her from the boys who bullied her for her weight. The two bonded over the years until Cecile was shipped out, and Krone was left to tend to herself until being shipped out as well, entering the sister program. It's believed Krone and her have a very strong sister-like bond, Cecile referring to Krone as her "precious little sister" in her final moments alive. It's believed she deeply loved her sister in her final moments


  • Cecile is one of the only chubby characters depicted in The Promised Neverland franchise.
    • She is very quick to lose her weight however, most likely to being in the sister program for a while.
  • Cecile is very heavily related and depicted with butterflies, which represent womanhood, marriage, and transformation in Japan. In other cultures, it can have different meanings, often being associated with love or transformation to a sense.
  • Due to her pin straight blonde hair and blue eyes, it can be believed Cecile comes from a European background.


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