• Jiltzy

    The Grand Valley Kids' IDs

    February 9, 2020 by Jiltzy

    Hey everyone,

    is it just me who's really curious as to how the children from Grand Valley are marked and the order to it? I'd love to see if anyone else has been looking into it a little bit or anyone has any ideas.

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  • Carol098

    alguien sabe como encontar el capitulo 165 del manga?, porfavor necesito ayuda

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  • Sutekinachan

    hi squad

    January 23, 2020 by Sutekinachan

    hey there! why are you reading this?

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  • Adau3012

    Which characters hair do you like the most?

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  • Adau3012

    Mine is I think I have to say the intro for the anime.They are all good though its just that the intro is my favorite.  

    But what's yours?

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  • Undella

    Happy Birthday, Krone!

    July 16, 2019 by Undella

    I'm a bit late, but it was Krone's birthday yesterday, like literally her exact birth date (July 15, 2019). Happy birthday! ❤

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  • Shigaraki2030tomura

    i once read a theory about leslie still being alive even after he got shipped out . like what happened to norman . it was said that he might be zazie since we didnt getto see his face yet and theywere both playing with butterflies sometimes ! 

    alot of fans wishes for him tobe alive and have a faithful reunionwith isabella ;)

    click here for proof

    they also say that zazie trying to talk is actually him trying to sing (leslie's melody) 

    here is the link for the discussion of that theory CLICK HERE

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  • Aggression25

    Escape to Freedom

    June 16, 2019 by Aggression25

    If you could help the children escape from the demons, how would you do so?


    Hot air balloon?


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  • Alpaca1221

    Emma's my favorite character (because of obvious reasons)

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  • Issanan

    'Today We’re Interviewing:[S1]  Kaiu Shirai-sensei (Story) and Posuka Demizu-sensei (Art)!'

    The Promised Neverland is a powerhouse title that started causing a sensation immediately after its run in Weekly Shonen Jump began, with the total number of copies printed zooming past one million [S2] in the blink of an eye.

    Momentum unchecked, the title dominated a fierce battle teeming with noteworthy manga series to waltz off with first place in the Kono Manga ga Sugoi (This Manga’s Incredible)! 2018 Men’s category!!


    The three main characters – Emma, Norman, and Ray – live at Grace Field House, a small orphanage, along with other children and a kind “mom.” It was a peaceful, happy life, and they thought it would g…

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  • Issanan

    Interview 1 (Feb. 4-5, 2017)

    February 23, 2019 by Issanan

    Original article, Part 1 link:

    Part 2 link:


    A talk with the creators of the unconventional hot title, The Promised Neverland: “From a 300-page cold call to debut.”

    February 4th & 5th, 2017

    The Promised Neverland,' ('Story: Kaiu Shirai '/ 'Art': 'Posuka Demizu')', the unconventional suspense serial that began running in Weekly Shonen Jump last August, is currently creating a buzz.

    Last year, it won the 2016 Mandou Kobayashi Manga Prize for Promising New Series, and it was also one of the thirteen titles nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho.

    The stage of the story is “Grace Field House,” an orphanage in the middle of a forest in …

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  • Supergeek765

    want to help expand it

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