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Bayon II's wife is a minor character of The Promised Neverland. She was the wife of Bayon II.


Just like any intellectual demon, Bayon II's wife wore a light-colored mask over her face with a vertical gap in the center to allow her to see through. She had what seemed to be large, droopy ears with a light-colored ponytail that reached to her back. The frontal portion of her hair was tied into loose twin tails, which rested on her shoulders. She donned a baggy, feet-length dress that covered her high heels.



Cuvitidala Arc

At the train station in Bayon II's territory, Bayon II's wife held onto her child's hand as she brought her child to board the train. Bayon II's wife responded to her child that they are traveling to the Imperial capital where the Tifari awaits, and how Bayon II and the lords of the other clans are there as well.[1]

Imperial Capital Battle Arc

It was later revealed that she had been consumed by a member of the Geelan clan, who then took on her identity and secretly infiltrated the Royal Capital.[2]


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