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Ayshe's wolves
• Characteristics •
 Race Wolf
 Hair Color Gray
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation Ayshe
Paradise Hideout
 Prev. Affiliation The demons
One of the Premium Farms
• Personal Status •
 Relatives Unnamed Parents
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 135

The three dogs are the companions of Ayshe.


Ayshe and her Foster father

The three dogs as pups spending their time with Ayshe.

When Ayshe was just a young child, her foster father's two pet dogs gave birth to three pups. The three eventually became close friends and companions of Ayshe's, and spent their childhood together.

The three, all grown up, were later orphaned as their parents passed away sometime in their lives. Tragedy struck the family as Norman (who took up William Minerva's identity) and his team raided her home, thinking how Ayshe was held hostage within. The three dogs hid inside a secretive room with Ayshe as Norman's underling, Zazie, slayed and killed their owner. The team soon found the dogs and Ayshe, whom assured them that they are "safe". The three dogs growled and snarled at Norman and company, knowing how they are enemies.

Since then, the dogs and Ayshe migrated and currently reside in Paradise Hideout, living a quiet yet peaceful life whilst only interacting among themselves and with Ayshe.


Cuvitidala Arc



Skills and Abilities

Acute smell

Acute hearing



Don, Gilda and Hayato



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