Andrew debut
 Kanji アンドリュー
 Rōmaji Andoryū
• Characteristics •
 Gender Male
 Race Human
 Hair Color White with black streaks
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation Ratri Clan
 Occupation Assassin
• Personal Status •
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 98

Andrew (アンドリュー , Andoryū) is a member of the Ratri Clan and one of the antagonists in The Promised Neverland.


Andrew is a tall and slim young man with dark skin and hair with black streaks. He dons a pair of circular-lense glasses over his narrow yet intimidating eyes, and a dark color suit when he met Phil in Grace Field.[1] When working as an assassin under Peter Ratri's commands, Andrew wears a black uniform and is armed with a rifle when he and his team ambushed the shelter the escaped orphans were in.[2]


Andrew appears as a calm and serious man. When he was assigned to look for Phil after Grace Field's new caretaker's suspicions of the toddler, Andrew greeted him with a stoic and emotionless look on his face, which soon switches to an intimidating one as he sought to threaten Phil. When Andrew and his team ambushed the shelter Emma and her comrades were in, he greeted them by explaining how it has been a pain for him to "weed out" the shelters, as he described there will soon be slaughter. Implying how Andrew has been consistent with his job of massacring inhabitants in shelters of William Minerva, showing the merciless side of him.


Not much is known about Andrew' past at the moment but sometime in the past he became affiliated with the Ratri Clan and began working under Peter Ratri. He then got a seven-man strong team under his command with whom he cooperates closely.


Cuvitidala Arc

On March 2046, Andrew was assigned by Ratri to hunt down the escapees of Grace Field and Grand Valley. Andrew managed to track down the shelter but was unsuccessful in catching the escapees as the shelter turned out to be a decoy.
Andrew ambushed the shelter

Andrew ambushed Shelter B06-32.

Andrew later contacted Peter Ratri over a phone, as he learned how the decoy shelter was part of his brother's plan which was formulated to trick enemies from hijacking the actual shelter.[3]

Later during the year, Andrew was assigned to look for Phil after suspicions the Grace Field's new caretaker has of the toddler. Andrew greeted Phil impassively, which soon switched to a much more intimidating and threatening demeanor, as he demanded to have a talk with him.[4]

A year and a half later, Andrew tracked down Emma and her friends in Shelter B06-32 as he blew up the walls of the place and started to hunt for them.[5] He began to search for the children and as soon as he found them, he shot two children who tried to escape through a secret underground passage, Emma then tried to talk to him, but that was not helpful before Andrew immediately shot Cristy in the left eye, injuring him. The children threw a gas grenade, but Andrew was well prepared as he and his team put their gas makers on and continued to search for the children. By now, Yugo and Lucas had started a counterattack, killing 3 people from Andrew's team in the process. This made Andrew very pissed and thus he decided to settle thing with Yugo and Lucas first. A fierce gunfight followed in which 2 members of Andrew's team were killed by Yugo and Lucas but at the price that both men were hit several times by the gunfire. Yugo and Lucas managed to flee to the weapon room, all to gain time to ensure that the children could escape in the meantime, after which Andrew and the two remaining members of his team kept Yugo and Lucas at gunpoint, ready to finish them off. Yugo then gave a sign to Lucas, after which the latter unexpectedly pointed his gun at a gas cylinder which he then shot, resulting in a huge explosion, seemingly killing all men, including Yugo, Lucas and, Andrew in the process.

Miraculously, Andrew survived the explosion, leaving him heavily injured, covered in blood and under burns, after which he pursued the escaped children, after a day of searching, he saw AliciaDominic, and 3 other children escape their hiding place, in an attempt to return to the shelter to look for Yugo and Lucas.

Skills and Abilities

Skilled Accuracy



Andrew looks down on Phil and sees him as nothing more than a replaceable cattle child.

Peter Ratri

Andrew is an underling of Ratri, and is hence obedient and cooperative to his commands and orders, as he was often assigned by him to ambush shelters and hunt down escapees from the orphanage.



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