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Abby (アビー, Abī) is one of the minor characters of The Promised Neverland and a recurring character from the A Letter from Norman light novel.


Abby with the light haired boy and Norman in 2039.

Abby amongst many children that were shipped out of Grace Field House Plant 3.

Abby was an orphan 1 year older than Ray, Emma and Norman who formerly resided at Grace Field House Plant 3 as one of the many foster children of Isabella before she was shipped out. Abby was a fan of Helena's drawings.[2]


She appears to be rather tall for her age and has a long face, freckles and seems to have auburn tied into two short pigtails.


She is an energetic and mischievous child.


  • Abby made a cameo in The Promised Neverland anime series' first and second ending theme songs, Zettai Zetsumei and Lamp, respectively. Abby was the girl with red hair tied into two pigtails spotted holding a baby Lannion while walking in Grace Field's cafeteria and later spotted getting a flower crown placed onto her head by an unknown younger girl.

    Abby's doll in Isabella's secret room

  • In chapter 17, a doll with Abby's name written on it is seen in Isabella's secret room, implying that it previously belonged to her.[3]