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(SPOILERS to Ch. 104) Feelings about the Timeskip?

I feel like the timeskip jumps over a period that could have been a really interesting arc. Just imagine if the kids had to plan and figure out different ways they could infiltrate a demon city, create maps, and learn how to pass as demons if they were confronted. Perhaps the villain of the arc could be a brutal demon policeman who make sure order is kept in the markets. Then when that arc ends and the Ratri clan find the kids it would be even more shocking. It's not as though the whole thing is necessary to the story, but it would have been an interesting way to learn more about the demons and more about the Goldy Pond kids. So what do you guys think?

Was the timeskip a good idea?
  • Yes, the story with the Ratri clan is more interesting.
  • No, there are other stories that could have been told.
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• 3/19/2019
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• 2/1/2019

Grace field house layout?

I was curious about making a dnd'esque game where the players are trying to escape, but i'm having issues creating a reasonable layout for the house, is there any image or source I could use?

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• 1/23/2019

About the discord group-chat Goldy Pond

Sorry to ask, but... Is the applying link to the discord group-chat(Goldy Pond) dead?

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• 12/18/2018

Interested in helping with the wiki

I would like to improve the wiki, but I need to speak about a few things. Why is there a manga and anime page for all the characters? I understand you would want to not spoil anime only watchers, but isn't there a way without having each page duplicated and the wiki bloated, for example by using spoiler tags, like most other wikis? Another thing I noticed is that many pages describe young kids or Conny as "toddlers". Toddlers are very small kids up to about 36 months. Conny is 6 year old, she is not a toddler. Last thing is, I don't really like the font, I wish it was more friendly on the eyes. When I help out, I would really like to speak back to other editors and admins so we can work together. I'm interested in extracting more images of characters from the manga so we can have a small gallery for each character, showing their growth or how they change throughout the manga.

Maybe the wiki will get much more active when the anime starts.

Thanks for reading - mugg1991

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• 7/31/2018
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• 6/20/2018


I dont think this manga gets enough credit.
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• 2/20/2018

The Seven Walls

This is a speculation-based discussion about the seven walls.
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• 12/10/2017
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• 12/9/2017

Adding new character

Hi, I added characters. But I need help with info box :(
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• 3/23/2017

Wiki adoption, TG RBB and Gamerdude62.

The two of us came 4 days ago on the ''The Promised Neverland'' wiki and already made 204 edits together. We saw today that the founder and admin haven't been online or made an edit in months so that's why the two of us want to adopt this wiki.
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• 12/3/2016
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